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Prices have been dropped! Don’t let your little one miss out!

I’ve come to a decision.

Baby Music Class Cairns


Much as it (seeeeriously!) pains me as a small business owner, I have decided to reduce my rates this year.

The Hartbeeps program has been carefully developed over the last 14 years, with extensive research into baby and child development, and activities specifically tailored to meet the developmental needs of the children (whilst being lots of fun for us grown-ups!).

So while it may feel like we are all just being a bit silly, your child is actually learning! Hartbeeps uses a combination of creative play, multi-sensory techniques, repetition, rhythm, early language acquisition and activities to encourage and develop both fine and gross motor skills in a child-centred approach- all carefully created to stimulate the baby-beeps-drivingsenses and assist in your child’s development.

Which is why it seriously hurts me to devalue a service as wonderful as this.

However, that being said- as a single Mum, I can also appreciate just how expensive life gets when you have little ones.

Having run a couple of Free Taster sessions lately, which have gone really well- I’ve had an absolute blast and received excellent feedback- to be perfectly honest with you, it’s really disheartening when we have such a wonderful time and then I fail to get bookings afterwards.

As a business owner, I need to question, why?

And from feedback I have received, it seems perhaps the biggest issue for customers is the price.

Now, my prices were calculated to be in line with my competitors, and are actually significantly lower than my Hartbeeps colleagues in Melbourne currently charge.

Cairns Baby ActivitiesHowever, here in Cairns we are of course extremely fortunate to have free Mum and Baby activities put on by the council (of which Hartbeeps has also been included for newborns in the First5Forever program). However, this makes it extremely difficult for a small business to compete in this niche.

 And the downside of it is, that it is the little ones who miss out.

So, for the foreseeable future, I have reduced the prices of our Hartbeeps sessions.

Casual classes are now just $14 per session.

Term bookings work out to be just $12 per session.

(I know, I did say term bookings weren’t going to be available this term, however due to a change of schedule with university placements, I am now able to run through the whole of the term, yey!)

Timetable for this term at Yorkeys Knob Community Centre (58 Wattle Street, Yorkeys Baby Class CairnsKnob):

10am Happy House (walkers approx. 18 months- 5 years)
11am Baby Beeps (Sitters approx. 5-17 months)
12pm Baby Bells (Newborn to sitting approx. 0-5 months)

Please have a look at for information on the different sessions.

You can also find some short videos on each of the sessions on my youtube channel


If you would like to book. you can book online at, through the Facebook page, or contact me directly on or phone 0410 233 173

Magic Sprinkles!


Hartbeeps Cairns

0410 233 173


Toddler class Cairns

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