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What now?! Life as a new parent

Did you feel this way?

I’ve been thinking……. I’m wondering if you felt the same as me when you became a new parent?

New Parent Cairns

After all the excitement and planning of the pregnancy and the birth, the newborn phase passed in a blur of tiredness and insecurity.

But slowly, things settled down. I started to get the hang of this parenting thing.

But there was one big problem……not one of my friends had a baby. Not a single one! Our family all lived overseas, and all of my local friends were in a different phase of life to me. I loved them dearly, but they just couldn’t relate to what I was going through any more. Heartbeeps Cairns
I felt a bit down, and to be honest, lonely. I loved my little boy so much, but had no-one to talk to about the silly little things you never think of before becoming a parent. No one to talk about what to do if he wasn’t a good feeder, or get advice on how to get some much needed rest!

As a bit of an introvert, going out there and just ‘making friends’ with other parents seemed really rather intimidating. And where would I find them anyway?
Should I just stay home – drowning my sorrows in ice cream and DVDs (we didn’t have Netflix back then!)?

That’s when it hit me- I had to get ‘out there’ and find other new Mums like me!

Heartbeats Cairns

Joining baby activities, changed my life. Some of my closest friends are the ladies I met over 6 years ago now when my little man was even littler.

I tried all sorts; playgroups, baby yoga, swimming lessons- but what I loved the most was making music with my little man.

And that’s what inspired me to run my own sessions, and after a lot of research, I discovered the magical world of Hartbeeps and decided to bring it to Cairns.

I love meeting new parents and their bubs, and watching them get to know each other is just wonderful and so much fun.

Thankyou for letting me be a part of this big, scary journey into parenthood- you got this!!

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