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What do you DO all day with a baby?

Just the other day my friend was in town for a visit.

What to do with a baby

“You know something?” she asked me…with a tone I instantly knew. I’ve used that tone.
“I love being a Mum,” she confessed. “But you know what? Sometimes I just don’t know what to DO all day with my little ones! It was easy when they were first born, they didn’t do a whole lot, and we could just hang out, but now they’re just that little bit older, I feel like I should be…entertaining them all the time”. She sighed and said, “I’ve not had much experience with kids before becoming a parent, and sometimes I’m just not sure what to do and it’s kinda boring for all of us”. Things to do with a toddler in Cairns
And it hit me.
I smiled
Yup…I know this feeling all too well.

I’ve been there too. Once the novelty of a newborn has worn off, you suddenly find yourself thinking, “What do I do now?!” I feel I should be occupying this small child, teaching and playing with them. But, how?!
Thankfully, when my eldest was still tiny, I joined several baby classes, mainly for myself, to get out there and meet other Mums (which worked by the way, and some of them are still some of my closest friends).

But something else I discovered was that all of a sudden, I felt inspired!

Toddler Activities Cairns

I started singing the songs we’d learned in our baby music class. We’d sing and dance (I say we, but I mean me- he was very young still, but it seemed to amuse little man!), we’d make up more silly songs, and we’d copy some of the exercises and activities we’d learned.

Suddenly, I felt like a super parent! And I discovered how much fun it could be parenting a little one (tantrums aside, of course).
When I started running Hartbeeps classes, I met other Mums, just like me.

And one of my proudest moments, was when one of the Mums told me that they had been singing our songs at home, and her little girl had told her Dad ALL about Dexter the cat, who visits Happy House Sessions every week.

Of course, he had no idea who Dexter was, and you might not either if you’ve yet to visit our Happy House!Hartbeeps Cairns

But the point is, that even after just a couple of sessions, I found the children were learning so fast, and sharing what they’ve learned with their parents. And after just a few sessions, they knew exactly what to expect from the class, and were joining in like little pros. It was just lovely to know they were all at home, singing together, recreating the activities they’d learned, and bonding in a wonderful way- just like I had with my little man.

If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll stop by soon and discover the magical world of Hartbeeps for yourself and your little one!
Magic Sprinkles!

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