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The unanticipated problems of having 2 (or more!) little ones!

So, the other week, I told you about my friend who was visiting me.

Bless her heart, she’s such a good Mum, but like many of us, she didn’t anticipate fully Children's Activities Cairnssome of the problems that come with having 2 kids close in age.

And I get it- my boys are only 22 months apart.

In many respects, this is wonderful and they truly are each other’s best friends.


However, both myself and my friend found the same 2 big problems we’d discovered when it came to activities with the kids:

1. The cost
2. The kids falling into different age groups


Now with the cost, you obviously know in advance that this could be a problem (unless you’re super rich. Sadly, I’m not). With my eldest, I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed my maternity leave- the two of us were out and about most days, attending activities and classes and having a ball together.

Children's Activities Cairns

But when my littlest was born, I realised I couldn’t do anywhere near as much with him, as suddenly everything became really expensive when paying for two.

And of course, we encountered problem No. 2.

If we did find an activity that interested us, inevitably the boys fell into different age groups, and therefore would have to attend different sessions. That was a big problem!

Neither of them were old enough to wait patiently while the other one did his session. And who would watch them anyway if I was joining in?

So when my friend was in town recently, she came along to a Hartbeeps session. And she was thrilled to discover how Hartbeeps solved both of these issues for her, and meant they could all enjoy an activity together for once.

1. The costHartbeeps offers ‘sibling rates’. So basically, if you have 2 or more kiddies,Children's Classes Cairns the younger ones are half price. That’s a huge help for many parents

2. The kids falling into different age groups- With Baby Beeps sessions (bubs who can sit- approx. 5-17 months), admittedly we need to be a bit stricter with the age group for safety reasons (we don’t want a hoard of stampeding toddlers accidentally hurting the teeny bubbas). Happy House sessions however cater for a wider age range (walkers approx. 18 months- 4 years). And even then, younger siblings are welcome to come along (at half price sibling rate of course) as they’ll still get a lot of enjoyment from the session. If the sibling attending Happy House is under 6 months, they are welcome to come along completely FREE!

What are the unexpected problems you’ve faced in your parenting journey?

Magic Sprinkles!


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