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Hartbeeps Daycare and Kindy, Baby and Toddler Music Sessions

Hartbeeps Adventures

Daycare and Kindy Music Sessions Cairns

Daycare and Kindy Music Sessions Cairns

Welcome to Hartbeeps Adventures and Adventures in Baby Land!


An in-house programme suitable for toddler/pre-school and baby rooms

An exciting and original programme offering your daycare centre or kindy a creative bolt-on to your exisiting curriculum.

Regular visits can be arranged to coincide with the academic year, or inclusive of term time holidays by arrangement, offering 35 minute sessions.

Once with you, we can move around your venue catering for the varying age/stage rooms.

Hartbeeps Adventures takes children and grown-ups on a different adventure every week.

In our sessions, participants discover:
* Musical storytelling that wholly encompasses expressive arts and design
Original songs from upbeat and BIG fun to beautiful and dreamy
* New ways to explore nursery rhymes and traditional children’s songs
Colourful and larger than life puppet characters
*  Highly interactive themes
* Contemporary, yet simple props
* A wonderland that children can create themselves and play amongst in their own way…..
Each session provides a different ‘sound journey’; a story set to music

Daycare and kindy music sessions Cairns

Please contact us to arrange a session at your centre.

Suitable for up to 20 children per session. Discounts are available for ‘back-to-back’ sessions on the same day.


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